About Us

Who We Are

The owner of our company Mark, set up his own business several years ago after working for a local company for 11 years. He now has a small team of four heating engineers and plumbers, providing plumbing solutions in North Devon for all your needs, including:

Central Heating Design & Installation
Boiler Servicing and Maintenance
Power Flushing (removal of rust & other debris from heating system)
General Everyday Plumbing Services
Bathroom Design and Bathroom Installation

Meet The Team

Amy Latham - Administrator
Mark Berry - Director
Linda Hinrich - Administrator
Phil Stone
Plumbing & Heating Engineer
Daniel Fraser
Plumbing & Heating Engineer
Richard White
Plumbing & Heating Engineer
Alex Baddick
Ian Berry
Electrician/Apprentice Plumber
Sam Hutchings
Apprentice Plumber
Boss of the office and customer relations manager